About Us

Welcome to the Ranch

Springdale Pet Ranch has provided a loving and healthy place for pets for over 22 years. Owned and staffed by pet lovers, we do everything with your dog or cat’s wellbeing in mind. As owners, we have 4 cats and 7 dogs of our own and believe that pets are an integral part of any family. When we acquired Springdale Pet Ranch in 2019, we started transforming it into the pet paradise we’d want for our own furry family members.

dogs in lobby
dog playing

Here are some of the marvelous upgrades we’ve added and planned for Springdale Pet Ranch:

  • New communication systems for the easiest reservation and check-in processes including report cards.
  • Soothing music now plays throughout our facility to help relax and entertain our furry friends.
  • Exciting agility play equipment has been installed in our outdoor yards. Dogs love the new ramps and tunnels. Even more fun play equipment is planned for the near future!
  • Beautiful daycare yards for your dogs to romp around and socialize during the day.
  • We have a special private lodging area just for our smaller guests. This part of the facility will be remodeled and upgraded in the future for an even more special overnight experience.
  • New turf yards have been installed in two of our outdoor play yards. This special material is ultra-clean, easy on canine paws, and free of mud!