4 Benefits of Transitioning from a Dog Kennel to a Pet Resort

There’s no question: the face of pet care has changed significantly in the last several years. The science behind the pet care industry evolved and continues to evolve by leaps and bounds. Not only have new pet parents more than tripled in the last few years, but there has been a seismic shift to pets as family members who partake in all the comforts (and more) of home life. Spa treatments, special diets and treats, outfits, and blinged-out collars are but a small part of the new age of pet-parenting. With that comes the responsibility of the pet industry to require a level of care that caters to these special pets.


That’s why transitioning from a dog kennel to a pet resort isn’t just an option for pet parents – it’s the new standard. A run with several feedings a day is simply not adequate care for pets that are always given attention and luxuries at home.


Springdale Pet Ranch has grown along with industry changes to provide custom offerings that ensure comfort for our guests and peace of mind for their families.


  1. Amenities and Accommodations: Compared to the dog kennels of yesterday, today’s pet resorts offer expansive activity packages that cater to your pet’s individual and unique needs. Supervised play times provide ample freedom to run and explore, special meal prep delivers nutritious and enticing favorites to satisfy even the hungriest dog’s appetite, and climate-controlled suites – complete with raised cots, soft bedding, and even the soothing sounds of music – make the consummate boarding experience comfy, cozy, and safe for our animals.


  1. Personalized Attention: Animals get stressed out just like their people. Pet resorts help by offering custom activities that facilitate exercise while alleviating anxiety. This creates a calmer environment and, ultimately, happier pets on vacation. Springdale Pet Ranch, for example, specializes in personalized attention and TLC, making your pet feel right at home. From regular feedings that mirror your dog’s schedule at home to custom activity packages to comprehensive grooming services, your pet’s every need will be catered to upon request, helping them feel at ease and – most importantly – loved.


  1. Prioritized Socialization: The best pet resorts attract pets from all walks of life while tailoring play groups to your pet’s age, activity level, and unique personality. This makes making new friends a snap. Interaction with other animals – and humans – serves as an essential aspect of pet care and plays a crucial role in socializing our four-legged friends.


  1. Exceptional Staff: The best boarding experience is only as successful as the people who are charged with your pet’s safekeeping. At Springdale Pet Ranch, guests are continuously under the watchful eye of animal-loving pet care specialists who have been explicitly trained in industry-best safety and wellness practices. They go above and beyond to make certain your dog or cat is comfortable in its new, albeit temporary, surroundings. All efforts – such as daily wellness checks –ensure a safe, secure, and healthy home-away-from-home.


Transitioning from a dog kennel to a pet resort allows pet families to relax while their dogs and cats are in the care of professionals whose primary goal is to ensure they are well-taken care of, healthy, and happy.


Springdale Pet Ranch is truly a pet resort focusing on the health and wellness of your pet. In addition to multiple accommodation options to choose from, our caring staff will assure that your pet gets the exercise, enrichment, activity, and attention that he or she deserves.  Our highly trained and certified staff, beautiful play yards, attention to health and wellness, and advanced cleaning procedures help us to set a new standard for pet care. Call us at 805-549-4425 or start your reservation online.