We Love Reading Such Wonderful Comments About Our Amazing Staff

We don’t like bragging about ourselves, but it really makes us happy when we get a message like this from one of our wonderful clients.

Dear Springdale family,

John and I want to express our heartfelt gratitude for you and your Springdale Team. BELLA was kenneled last weekend due to my traveling to Lodi for Greek Easter, and John having to work nights. That being said, I felt it necessary to expand on how much we, [BELLA included] love what Springdale Pet Ranch encompasses.

bella with a friendFor one, “The Positive Reinforced Training” BELLA had with Springdale is continued throughout her stays; your Team consistently uses the training during her kenneling and when She’s at doggy daycare. We love that BELLA’S training is reinforced and continues away from home; we have seen BELLA’S reaction to our commands improve greatly.

Secondly, I cannot find enough kind words in the dictionary to define your amazing staff. My appreciation for their genuine care of my personal fears; [kenneling BELLA, her feeding schedule & other Motherly concerns] in addition to, the exceptional caring of BELLA. For example, the front office was keen to notice my anxieties of leaving BELLA and consoled me with a huge hug, which was truly comforting, and better than words! In addition, they took their time with me to go over my list, [feeding schedule, bedding necessities, optional clothing for cooler days, etc.] and my list was extensive.

bella going on a walkAgain, I cannot find enough grateful words; the Springdale Staff are energetic, animal-loving, people caring, great listeners, professional, and quick to find answers. Since BELLA been with Springdale Pet Ranch, there hasn’t been one question ignored or unanswered; further, all emails or phone calls have been returned promptly. Everyone there knows and loves BELLA, and embarrassingly, they know my quirks as well; luckily for me, the Staff is truly wonderful, and patient with me.

Honestly, we only trust, leaving BELLA in the care of Springdale, before others; simply put, Springdale Pet Ranch is Family to BELLA, and to us. BELLA looked so refreshed and so happy, when I picked her up this past Monday from being kenneled.

That being said, John and I can “go on and rave for hours”, regarding the “Daily Report Card” service provided. It was personally, my daily medicinal relief; my eyes widened, and my mouth reached my cheeks with a huge smile! I loved ALL the pictures taken/sent via text, and reviewing the notes on BELLA’s daily demeanor/personality; the facts mirrored her photos for the day. And, as always, I was grateful to know her daily food notes; Frenchies are notorious for sensitive stomachs, hence, I’m glad that’s included.

To summarize, I again, want you, your Family and your Staff to know how much John and I, [BELLA too] love, appreciate, and admire what you do for our Family, our little BELLA. We DO depend on Springdale Pet Ranchs’ exceptional service and care; and want to sincerely thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. Cheers!

With much admiration and love,

The Townsend Family